Detection of Formalin in Seafoods at markets and wholesaler-Retailer stores (Case study: Xaythany District and Xaysetha District, Vientiane capital)

Vadsana KEOVONGSUK, Somphaphone SULYYA, Chanphone VONGKHAMPHEANG. Department of Environmental Science, Faculty of Environmental Science, National University of Laos, P.O. Box 7322, E-mail:, Tel: 020 59130915.


This education was making for checking contamination in fresh seafood markets and shops wholesale – Retailer stores Case study: Xaythany District and Xaysetha District, Vientiane capital such as Tanmexai store (A), Phontongsavang market (B, C), Phonkheng store (D) and Donnoun store (E), with 3 objectives: Availability of products, find the volume of formalin contaminated in seafood and,  Compare formalin similar seafood in each store, formalin checked by (Test-kit of formalin in food) and put in UV-Vis Spectrophotometer Carry 50 Bio to analyze the amount of formalin contaminated in fresh seafood.

The results of a formalin for 5 fresh seafood stores in Vientiane found that: availability of products from each store are similar and some are different. The examination results of formalin contaminated in 39 seafood of samples it revealed that 14 sample were contaminated. The samples in store A was not detetetable, in store B: Portunus pelagicus and Octopus 0.07±0.00 mg/kg 0.25±0.02 mg/kg respectively; in store C: white shrimp, Portunus pelagicus, Loligo duvauceli 0.29±0.01 mg/kg, 0.15±0.00 mg/kg,0.35±0.08 mg/kg respectively; in store D: Portunus pelagicus, oyster, Octopus dollfusi, Loligo duvauceli, white squid and Soft cuttlefish 0.19±0.00 mg/kg, 1.06±0.10 mg/kg, 0.37±0.01 mg/kg, 0.18±0.01 mg/kg, 0.15±0.00 mg/kg and 0.37±0.01 mg/kg respectively; in store E: white shrimp, Loligo duvauceli, CrispSquid 0.14±0.00mg/kg, 0.18±0.00 mg/kg,0.08±0.01 mg/kg respectively. Form the examination results, it revealed that the Oyster form D store has contaminated formalin 1.06±0.10 mg/kg which is higher than other types of seafood; of which, it exceeds the WHO standard (0.05 mg/kg). If the consumers always take seafood that contaminated with the formalin, it may affect to the consumer’s health.

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