Quantification of Nitrite contaminated in pickled foods (Case study Phonsavarng village Chanthabuly district Vientiane capital)

Mingkhouan INTHAKESONE, Panomphone, CHANTHAKHOT, Bounphak LOBRIAYAO Department of Environmental Science, Faculty of Environmental Science, National University of Laos, P.O. Box 7322, E-mail:, Tel & Fax: +856-21-770561


In food industrial production, Nitrite has known as one of the popular food additives, especially in meat process. Since Nitrite has effects on human beings, it’s hazardous for consumers if they got a large amount of Nitrite such as: hypoxemia, liver cancer, gastric cancer, esophagus cancer and thyroid gland dysfunction. Nitrite was used as a food additive for characteristic pink color of cured meat, prevents spoilage bacteria and the growth of harmful bacterium called Clostidium botulinum which produces the Botulinum toxin. Therefore, customers mostly added Nitrite into the pickled foods, namely Salted dry meats, Sausages, Steam sausages and Pickled meats.

In this study has mainly 2 objectives in regards with: 1) determine the social values of pickled foods consumption in Phonsavarng village, Chanthabuly district, Vientiane Capital, and 2) Determination of Nitrite in high values of food consumption using colorimetric method and analyze via UV-visible Spectrophotometer.

According to the questioning consumers on the social values of pickled foods consumption in Phonsavarng village, the results indicated that most of the people prefer 4 types of pickled food (salted dry meat, sausages, steam pork sausage, and pickled pork). Furthermore, the pickled foods with highly social values were collected to examine the contaminated Nitrite, the results revealed that certain types of pickled foods stained with Nitrite and 1 types of food was non-detectable; as showed Salted dry beef was found 67.35 mg/kg, Sausage type: Sweet Sausage and Pickled Sausage were found 1.10 mg/kg and 11.03 mg/kg, respectively; Steam Pork Sausage was non-detectable and Pickle Pork was found 1.81 mg/kg. The contaminated Nitrite in pickled food stuffs were still under the CODEX standard which is 125 mg/kg. However, highly and continuously for daily consumption can be prone on chronic exposure; of which this may post a health risk effects on the consumer.

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